In this comprehensive article, we’ll delve into various creative methods to make money with your car in Nigeria. Are you a proud car owner residing in Nigeria? Whether you’ve recently acquired a vehicle or have one sitting idly in your garage, you’re likely interested in exploring ways to turn your car into a profitable asset. Look no further!


The idea of capitalizing on your car’s potential to generate income is not just reserved for the privileged few with luxury vehicles. Regardless of your car’s size, whether it’s a compact car, a spacious Toyota Sienna, a two-door coupe, or a four-door sedan, there are ample opportunities to tap into, as long as your car is mechanically sound and well-maintained.

10 Lucrative Avenues to Make Money with Your Car in Nigeria

  1. E-hailing Services: Embracing the world of e-hailing services is arguably the most immediate and lucrative way to start earning from your car. Platforms like Uber and Taxify offer an excellent opportunity to generate income quickly. While the registration process may seem daunting, having all the necessary documents simplifies the procedure. If you can manage the time, it’s advisable to drive your car personally, as this minimizes potential complications related to hired drivers.If driving isn’t an option for you, consider putting your car on hire purchase. This arrangement allows you to set a daily payment amount for the driver until they reach the agreed-upon sum, at which point they become the car’s owner. With the potential to earn between ₦200,000 to ₦300,000 monthly, e-hailing can be an efficient means to repay a car loan swiftly.
  2. Car Charter: Many Nigerians, particularly the older generation, prefer car charter services over fixed-price e-hailing services. They appreciate the flexibility of negotiating fares for special occasions like weddings or conferences. By offering your car for charter services, you have the advantage of keeping the entire profit since there’s no third party involved.The earnings from car charter services largely depend on your clientele and the frequency of bookings you secure.
  3. Car Rental: If your car boasts unique features or is a high-end model, consider renting it out to start earning. While luxury cars like Ferraris and Bugattis are popular choices, even regular vehicles like the Toyota Sienna can generate income through car rental. To begin, inform friends and family about your rental service, providing them with a reliable option for renting a car.
  4. Moving Service: Did you know that you can assist people in relocating and turn a profit in the process? A simple example is helping someone move to a new apartment. Your car can be invaluable in this context, and the earnings depend on factors like distance, frequency of trips, and the volume of items being transported.
  5. Airport Shuttling: If you live in proximity to an airport, consider offering airport shuttle services. Travelers arriving at Nigerian airports often require transportation to their final destinations. By providing this service, you can charge passengers between ₦10,000 to ₦20,000 per ride. While joining the association might require some time, airport shuttling provides an excellent opportunity to network and meet influential individuals.
  6. Vehicle Advertisement: It’s a common sight in Nigeria to see cars covered in advertisements for various products and services. This type of advertising typically involves attaching stickers to the vehicle’s exterior or interior. Transporters frequently leverage this method to supplement their income. Your earnings depend on factors like the ad’s size, duration, and the vehicle’s model.
  7. Interstate Transport: Engaging in interstate transport services is another avenue for turning your car into a moneymaker. This business involves ferrying passengers from one state to another. Your fees will depend on the distance traveled and the amount of luggage you carry. With consistent operations, monthly earnings can range from ₦200,000 to ₦400,000, but it’s essential to use a durable and robust vehicle for this purpose.
  8. Delivery Services: Collaborate with e-commerce giants like Konga and Jumia to offer delivery services. After registering your car and ensuring that all documents are in order, you can start working within just two days. The delivery services industry is booming in Nigeria, and you can learn more tips on how to get started by reading our guide on launching a bike logistics business.
  9. Courier Service: Utilize your car to transport parcels for courier companies. These parcels could include letters and various items. Offering courier services is an excellent way to monetize your car. It provides a reliable source of income while assisting businesses in delivering goods to their customers.
  10. School Car: Consider using your car to transport children to and from school. Reach out to nearby schools with proposals indicating your availability in case their school bus encounters issues. You can also collaborate with parents to offer transportation services for their children at a reasonable fee. Additionally, if none of the aforementioned options appeal to you, starting a driving school could be a viable alternative.
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Your car has the potential to be either an asset or a liability, depending on how you choose to utilize it. Don’t let your vehicle sit idle; instead, explore these diverse avenues for daily income generation. In these challenging times, you can harness these opportunities to secure financial stability and provide for your family. Your car can be more than just a mode of transportation; it can be a valuable source of income in Nigeria. So, get behind the wheel and start driving your financial success today!