Are you considering the prospect of launching a hair extensions business in Nigeria? Perhaps you’re contemplating entering the world of wig business. In this comprehensive article, we will guide you through the process of starting and managing a profitable hair extension and wig business in Nigeria. By the time you finish reading this article, you’ll have a firm grasp of the startup costs, profit potential, and additional hair-related business ideas to complement your venture.

Understanding Hair Extensions, Wigs, Weave On, and Attachments

Before delving deeper into the intricacies of starting a hair extension and wig business, it’s crucial to clarify the distinctions between various hair products. Hair extensions, wigs, weave ons, and attachments, although related, serve different purposes and are often confused with one another.

First, it’s important to recognize that wigs, weave ons, and attachments all fall under the category of hair extensions. Wigs, in particular, have gained popularity in Nigeria due to their ease of use and affordability compared to other hair extension options.

When you decide to venture into the hair extension business in Nigeria, you’ll be offering a range of products, including wigs, weave ons, attachments, and more.

Is a Hair Extensions Business Profitable?

Running a hair extension business, including wig production, can be highly profitable in Nigeria for several reasons. One key factor contributing to its profitability is the widespread appeal of wigs among women. The convenience of wearing wigs, which can be effortlessly styled, makes them a popular choice. Additionally, wigs are often more budget-friendly and quicker to use than other types of hair extensions.

Nigerian women frequently opt for wigs for their hairstyling needs. This preference, coupled with the affordability and ease of use of wigs, makes wig businesses highly lucrative in Nigeria. The hair extension business, as a whole, is also profitable due to its broad customer base.

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Products related to hair extensions cater not only to adult women but also to children, teenagers, and adolescents. This diverse customer demographic ensures that the hair extension market in Nigeria remains substantial and robust.

Capital Requirements for Starting a Hair Extension Business

Launching a hair extension business in Nigeria necessitates capital investment, with the amount required contingent on the scale of your enterprise. Whether you intend to establish a small-scale, medium-scale, or large-scale hair extension business, your startup costs will vary accordingly. The capital needed to start a hair extension business typically ranges from N300,000 to N5,000,000.

The lower end of this spectrum is suitable for commencing a small-scale hair extension business, while the higher end is reserved for large-scale operations. Assess your financial capacity and business goals to determine the appropriate scale for your venture.

Step-by-Step Guide to Starting a Hair Extension Business in Nigeria

Now, let’s delve into the practical steps you should follow to initiate a profitable hair extension business in Nigeria:

1. Conduct a Thorough Market Survey

Conducting a comprehensive market survey is essential before diving into the hair extension business. This step is particularly crucial if you want to make informed decisions and maximize your chances of success. A market survey will help you understand the prevailing trends in hair extensions, the preferred choices of women, and the products that enjoy the highest demand in your target area.

By gaining insights into your potential customer base and their preferences, you can tailor your business offerings to meet their needs effectively. Detailed market research is a vital foundation for a successful hair extension business.

2. Develop a Business Plan

A well-crafted business plan is a crucial document that outlines the key aspects of your hair extension business. It provides clarity on the resources required, equipment, and the type of physical space needed for your venture. Additionally, a business plan helps project expected profits and provides insights into the business’s future prospects.

If you plan to specialize in wig production, consider creating a dedicated wig business plan that includes strategies for maximizing profits in this niche. A comprehensive business plan is especially important if you intend to operate your hair extension business for an extended period.

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If you require assistance in drafting a professional business plan, you can seek expert guidance and services.

3. Secure the Necessary Capital

As mentioned earlier, securing the required capital is a critical step in launching your hair extension business. You can accumulate the necessary funds through savings or by borrowing from friends and family, with the arrangement for repayment in installments.

It’s advisable to avoid borrowing from microfinance banks or other lending institutions due to the high interest rates. Starting your business with your savings offers peace of mind, as you won’t be burdened by repayment obligations during the early stages of your venture.

4. Secure a Suitable Location for Your Business

Choosing the right location for your hair extension business is pivotal to its success. Whether you opt for a physical shop, a container, or space in a shopping mall, ensure that it’s easily accessible to your target customers, primarily women.

Selecting a strategic location, such as near popular areas or landmarks like roundabouts, bus stops, and t-junctions, enhances your business’s visibility and accessibility. Additionally, consider the size of the space and the annual rental costs, aiming for a manageable space that accommodates potential business growth.

5. Procure Hair Extension Products Wholesale

Once you’ve secured your business location, the next step is to source your hair extension products. Depending on your capital, you can purchase these products from local markets or directly from hair extension manufacturers. If you have the financial capacity, consider becoming a distributor for hair extension companies in Nigeria.

As a distributor, you can supply hair extensions to other retailers in your local area, expanding your reach and profitability. Alternatively, you can begin as a small-scale seller and work towards becoming a distributor as your business grows.

6. Maximizing Profits in Your Hair Extension Business

To optimize profits in your hair extension business, consider the following strategies:

  • Strategic Location: Ensure your shop is situated in a prime location where your target customers can easily find you. This could be a bustling area with high foot traffic.
  • Cost-Effective Rental: Keep rental costs manageable and ensure that your lease is renewable. Avoid committing to a space that could strain your finances or hinder business expansion.
  • Efficient Sourcing: Procure your hair extensions from reliable and cost-effective suppliers, such as distributors or wholesalers. Minimize procurement costs to enhance profit margins.
  • Diversification: Consider diversifying your product offerings by exploring other hair-related businesses alongside your hair extension venture.
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Additional Hair Business Ideas in Nigeria

In addition to hair extensions, there are several other hair-related business ideas you can explore in Nigeria:

A. Wig Business: You can specialize in the production and sale of wigs. You may choose to purchase ready-made wigs or invest in a wig-making machine to craft your own. The choice between new and used wig-making equipment depends on your budget and business goals.

B. Hair Accessories Business: Complement your hair extension business by offering a wide range of hair accessories such as combs, hair creams, gels, hair ribbons, mannequins, and more. These items can be displayed in your shop to enhance customer offerings.

C. Hair Salon Business: If your budget allows, consider opening a hair salon alongside your hair extension business. Invest in essential salon equipment and offer a range of hairstyling services to attract a broader customer base.


In conclusion, the hair extension business, including the production and sale of wigs, presents lucrative opportunities in Nigeria. By conducting thorough market research, developing a well-structured business plan, securing the necessary capital, choosing the right location, and optimizing your sourcing strategies, you can position your business for success.

Moreover, you have the option to diversify your offerings by exploring complementary hair-related business ideas, such as wig production, hair accessories sales, or even operating a hair salon. Regardless of your choice, the key to success in the hair industry lies in understanding your customers, meeting their needs, and providing exceptional products and services.

Remember, gender is not a barrier in this business; what matters is your willingness to learn, adapt, and explore the opportunities that the hair extension industry in Nigeria offers.