In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the opportunities and challenges in starting a computer training center in Nigeria, a venture that not only addresses the digital divide but also promises profitability. In a world dominated by Information Communication Technology (ICT), Africa, and particularly Nigeria, still lags far behind in adopting and harnessing the potential of this transformative field. The rapid technological advancements witnessed in countries like the USA and China often take several years to reach Nigerian shores. There are several reasons for this digital divide in Nigeria, ranging from inadequate attention from political leaders to the prohibitive cost of data.

The Digital Divide in Nigeria

The digital divide in Nigeria can be attributed to various factors, including:

1. Neglect of Technology by Political Leaders: One of the primary reasons for the slow adoption of technology in Nigeria is the lack of serious attention from political leaders. The government has not prioritized quality education for Nigerian children, let alone teaching them how to use computers and access digital resources.

2. Limited Investment in ICT: Political leaders have been hesitant to allocate significant funds to the development of information technology in the country. As a result, most technological advancements in Nigeria have been driven by the private sector.

3. Expensive Data Costs: The high cost of data in Nigeria is a significant hindrance to online learning and accessing digital resources. Many Nigerians, especially youths, struggle to afford sufficient data for learning purposes, limiting their online activities to basic communication and social media.

This digital divide presents a unique opportunity for entrepreneurs to bridge the gap and empower Nigerians with essential digital skills. Establishing a computer training center in Nigeria can not only address this issue but also prove to be a profitable business venture.

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Profitability of Computer Training Centers in Nigeria

Starting a computer training center in Nigeria is a profitable venture for several reasons:

1. High Demand for Digital Skills: Many Nigerians, especially those in rural areas, lack even basic computer skills. Teaching them how to use computers, navigate the internet, and perform essential tasks like word processing and spreadsheet management is a valuable service in high demand.

2. Specialized Training Opportunities: Beyond basic computer skills, there is a growing demand for specialized training in areas such as coding, graphic design, web development, and more. Offering these specialized courses can significantly boost your center’s profitability.

3. Constant Evolution of Technology: The field of ICT is dynamic and ever-evolving. As technology continues to advance, there will always be opportunities to provide updated training programs and stay relevant in the market.

Steps to Start a Computer Training Center in Nigeria

If you’re considering venturing into the computer training center business in Nigeria, here are the steps to get you started:

1. Learn Computer and ICT: Before you can teach others, you must become proficient in computer and ICT skills. Invest in comprehensive training and consider mastering various aspects of ICT, including website design, coding, video editing, and more. Continuous learning and staying updated are key in this field.

2. Write a Business Plan: Develop a detailed business plan that outlines your market research, financial projections, location strategy, and other crucial aspects of your computer training center. A well-structured business plan will serve as your roadmap to success.

3. Secure Capital: Depending on the scale of your computer training center, you may need a significant capital investment. Ensure you have the necessary funds to rent a suitable location, purchase computers and equipment, and cover initial operational costs. Avoid borrowing from banks or lending companies, as this can lead to financial strain in the early stages.

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4. Acquire Computer Systems: Consider buying refurbished or pre-owned computer systems to reduce initial costs. Ensure that the computers meet the necessary specifications for efficient training, including sufficient RAM and storage capacity. Reliable markets for computer systems in Nigeria include Computer Village Ikeja and Alaba Market.

5. Gather Essential Equipment: Apart from computers, you’ll need other equipment such as UPS units, electric extension sockets, fans, tables, chairs, and a standby generator to ensure uninterrupted training sessions. Properly equipping your training center is vital for a conducive learning environment.

6. Find a Suitable Location: Choose a location for your computer training center strategically. High-traffic areas, populated bus stops, and easily accessible locations will attract more students. The visibility and accessibility of your center play a crucial role in its success.

7. Furnish Your Training Center: After securing a location, invest in proper furnishings and infrastructure. Paint the space, set up tables and chairs, and arrange the computers for an organized and welcoming atmosphere. A well-furnished center will attract more students and create a positive impression.

Increasing Profits in Your Computer Training Center

To maximize profits in your computer training center, consider the following strategies:

A. Charge Competitive Training Fees: Set reasonable and competitive training fees that reflect the value you offer. Avoid undercharging, as it may undervalue your services, but also refrain from overcharging, especially as a new entrant in the market. As you establish your reputation, you can gradually adjust your fees.

B. Fees for Registration and Certificates: Implement a fee structure that includes charges for registration and certificate issuance. This additional revenue stream can boost your profits.

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C. Offer Home Training Services: Extend your services by offering home-based training for clients who cannot come to your center or prefer personalized training sessions. This can attract additional income.

D. Diversify with Business Center Services: Consider offering business center services such as photocopying, typesetting, lamination, and printing within your training center. This diversification can provide a steady income source, even when training sessions are less frequent.

Challenges of Computer Training Centers in Nigeria

While the computer training center business in Nigeria offers significant opportunities, it also comes with its fair share of challenges:

A. Power Outages and High Fuel Costs: Nigeria’s unreliable electricity supply necessitates reliance on generators, which can be costly to run. Managing power outages and fuel expenses is a constant challenge for computer training centers.

B. Illiteracy Levels: High illiteracy rates in Nigeria pose a challenge, as many potential students may struggle with basic reading and writing skills required for effective computer training.

C. High Cost of Computer Electronics: The cost and availability of up-to-date computer equipment, including accessories and software, can be prohibitive due to factors such as currency exchange rates and government policies.


In conclusion, the ICT sector presents both challenges and opportunities in Nigeria. Bridging the digital divide and equipping Nigerians with essential digital skills is not only a noble endeavor but also a profitable business venture. Starting a computer training center in Nigeria allows you to contribute to the country’s technological advancement while creating a sustainable source of income. As you embark on this journey, remember that continuous learning, strategic planning, and adaptability are key to success in the dynamic world of information technology. The future of Nigeria’s ICT landscape is in your hands; seize the opportunity and make a difference.