The chicken and chips business, also known as fries or french fries, is a snack that has found its way into the hearts and palates of Nigerians. Originating from France, this foreign delicacy has now become an integral part of the Nigerian culinary landscape. Whether as a quick snack on the go or a delightful meal at an eatery, chicken and chips have captured the taste buds of many Nigerians. This article explores the potential of this business in Nigeria, detailing the steps to start, operate, and succeed in the chicken and chips business.

The Lucrative Chicken and Chips Market

The chicken and chips business in Nigeria is witnessing a steady rise in popularity and demand. One of the key factors contributing to its profitability is its universal appeal. Unlike many other snacks that are confined to specific times of the day, chicken and chips can be enjoyed anytime, making it a versatile snack choice for Nigerians.

Moreover, despite its growing popularity, the market for chicken and chips remains relatively untapped. There are few established chicken and chips shops in Nigeria, indicating a significant gap in the market. This scarcity of competitors presents a lucrative opportunity for entrepreneurs to establish themselves as the go-to suppliers of this snack in their respective areas.

Furthermore, the simplicity of preparing chicken and chips is a significant advantage. The ingredients required for making this snack are readily available in local markets, and the cooking process is straightforward. This not only reduces operational stress but also minimizes the cost of acquiring ingredients, making it an attractive business venture for aspiring entrepreneurs.

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Capital Requirements

To embark on a successful chicken and chips business venture in Nigeria, you should be prepared with a capital investment of at least N800,000. This capital will be allocated to various aspects of the business, including renting a suitable location, purchasing frying equipment, and procuring the necessary ingredients. It is important to note that the specific costs may vary depending on your location in Nigeria and other economic factors such as inflation.

Mastering the Art of Chicken and Chips Preparation

Before diving into the chicken and chips business, it’s imperative to acquire the essential culinary skills. While there are various resources available, including YouTube tutorials, to help you learn the ropes, seeking guidance from an experienced chef or cook is highly recommended. They can impart not only the techniques for perfecting the taste but also valuable insights on how to package and present your snacks attractively. With a combination of online learning and hands-on experience, you can become proficient in crafting delectable chicken and chips.

Ingredients for Chicken and Chips

To create mouthwatering chicken and chips snacks for your business, you will need the following ingredients:

  1. Irish potatoes
  2. Chicken
  3. Pepper
  4. Tomato
  5. Onions
  6. Vegetable oil
  7. Vegetables
  8. Seasoning cubes
  9. Salt
  10. Additional seasonings

Steps to Launch Your Chicken and Chips Business

Starting a chicken and chips business in Nigeria involves several crucial steps:

  1. Estimate the Required Capital: Begin by estimating the capital needed for your venture. This includes renting a suitable space, acquiring equipment, and covering initial operating costs. Your estimate will serve as a roadmap for the business’s financial planning.
  2. Learn the Art of Making Chicken and Chips: While chicken and chips preparation is relatively simple, mastering the art is essential. It is vital to create a snack that stands out in taste and presentation. Learning the art of slicing Irish potatoes to perfection, along with cooking techniques, will set you apart.
  3. Purchase Necessary Equipment: Acquire the essential equipment for your business, such as a deep fryer, gas stove or cooker, grater, peeler, knife, pots, trays, and a microwave. Additionally, consider installing electronics like fans, bulbs, display lights, and a sound system for a pleasant customer experience.
  4. Choose Your Location: Opt for a strategic location for your chicken and chips business. Renting space may be a cost-effective option compared to traditional shops, especially in urban areas. Ensure that your chosen location is easily accessible to potential customers.
  5. Advertise Your Business: Marketing and advertising are crucial to create awareness of your chicken and chips business. You can employ the following strategies:

    A. Print Flyers: Distribute printed flyers in your vicinity to promote your business. These flyers can travel far and wide, reaching potential customers indirectly.

    B. Online Advertisement: Leverage the power of online advertising through platforms like Instagram and Facebook. Targeted ads can reach a broader audience in your area, increasing visibility.

Strategies to Maximize Profit

To boost profitability in your chicken and chips business, consider implementing the following strategies:

A. Sell Online and Offer Delivery: Extend your reach by allowing customers to order online and providing delivery services. This convenience can attract more customers and generate additional revenue.

B. Diversify Your Business: Explore opportunities to diversify your offerings. Consider selling complementary items like drinks, meat pies, or doughnuts alongside chicken and chips. These additions can enhance your revenue stream.

C. Extend Operating Hours: To accommodate different customer preferences, consider extending your business hours. Opening early and closing late allows you to cater to a broader customer base.


The chicken and chips business in Nigeria is a viable venture for entrepreneurs of all backgrounds and ages. By following the steps outlined in this article, you can embark on a successful journey in the world of chicken and chips. Remember that learning the art of preparation, choosing a strategic location, and implementing effective marketing strategies are crucial components of your business’s success. As you navigate this thriving industry, you’ll be on your way to diversifying your income and establishing a profitable chicken and chips enterprise in Nigeria.

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